5Pcs Adjustable M3-M8 T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench Machinist Tool Screw Thread 

بوجى سيستيم 3-8 ملى و5 قطع دكر قلاووظ بمقاسات 3,4,5,6,8 ملى 


Product Name‎:‎ Ratchet Tap Wrench
Material‎:‎ metal
Capacity Range‎:‎ 3mm‎-8mm/ 1/8‎"‎‎- 
Body Size‎:‎ approx‎.‎ 2 x 8.5cm / 
0.8‎"‎ x 3.3‎"‎‎(‎D x H‎)‎
Handle Size‎:‎ approx‎.‎ 10 x 
0.7cm/4‎"‎ x 0.28‎"‎ ‎(‎L x D‎)‎
Total Size‎:‎ approx‎.‎ 8.5 x 10 x 
2cm/3.3‎"‎ x 4‎"‎ x 0.8‎"‎ ‎(‎L x W x H‎)‎
Color‎:‎ as picture shows


3mm‎-8mm T‎-Handle Ratchet Tap 
Wrench Machinist Tool
Small Size T‎-Handle Tap 
Wrench‎-Chuck Type M3‎-M8
Usage‎:‎ For Taps M3‎-M8

Features‎:‎ T‎-Handle Ratcheting Tap 
Wrenches Three position gear box for quick‎,‎ efficient ratcheting action

Designed for use with taps and 
can also use on the left hand tap‎,‎ reamers‎,‎ screw extractors and other tools 
with a square shank


Ratchet Action with three positions‎:‎ forward‎,‎ reverse and lock
Ideal for use in combined areas

1 x T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench 5 x Screw Thread Taps 3,4,5,6,8mm

5Pcs Adjustable M3-M8 T-Handle Ratchet Tap Wrench Machinist Tool Screw Thread

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EGP315.00Sale Price

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