AR 590 AR BLUE CLEAN Professional electric cold water high pressure washer 160 bar, 600 l/h, 2800W

– A two wheels trolley mounted unit with detergent tank with handle and hose reel

– 3 Axial-piston wobble-plate pump

– Tempered stainless steel plungers

– Automatic by-pass valve

– Pressure gauge

– Integral detergent intake system with setting adjustment

– Induction electric motor with overload cutout

– Electric cable length 5m

– TSS, remote cleaner total stop system

– Water filter

– Detergent tank capacity 1.2l

– High pressure hose, gun and lance

– High and low pressure and pencil or fan jet selector nozzle

BLUE CLEAN AR590 160 bar | ماكينة غسيل ايطالى بلو كلين 160 بار

SKU: AR590