The HSS Twist Drill Bit offers solid drilling for standard jobs, such as drilling holes through metal.

The low-heat-shaping manufacturing process results in high elasticity and a low risk of breakage. Right-hand cutting twist drill bit. Rolled spiral flute with ground point, vapour-plated.

Size: 1,0-10,0 mm

Included Components: Metal twist drill HSS-Set 19 pcs.



The HSS Twist Drill Bit PointTeQ allows fast drilling in metal due to its PointTeQ tip design. Quick and easy drilling starts are possible as the self-centering tip prevents wandering. Due to the increased drilling rate, less heat and wear are generated. The PointTeQ tip design remains sharp and ensures continuous durability. These bits are suitable for drilling clearance and pilot holes in alloyed and non-alloyed steel, non-ferrous metals, cast steel, cast iron and plastics. It has a cylindrical shank system where the shank is equal to the drill bit diameter and is intended for use in drill stands and drill drivers. With these drill bits there is a low risk of breakage, especially for drill bits below 6 mm in diameter as the bit is manufactured to have a highly elastic body. Its black-oxide coated flute provides fast chip removal. The HSS Twist Drill Bit PointTeQ is manufactured to DIN 338. The drill bit is Type N (flute angle) with a tip of 135 degrees.


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Bosch 2 608 577 351 Drill Bit Set HSS 19Pcs | علبة بنط حدادى 19 قطعة بوينت تك

SKU: 2 608 577 351

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