Bosch T127D HSS Special for Aluminium Jigsaw Blades x5 2608631017

The Bosch T127D HSS Special for Aluminium 2608631017 has a progressive tooth design for faster and smoother cuts and new plunge tip for easier plunge cuts. T-shank design for maximum grip and stability which fits 90% of all current jigsaw makes and models.


  • HSS, side set, milled
  • Straight, fine fast cut
  • For thin to thick sheet metals 3-15 mm
  • Pipes + profiles, diameter <30 mm


  • Aluminium & Non-ferrous Metal: <30 mm
  • Plastics: 30 mm
  • Reinforced Plastics: 20 mm
  • Sheet Metals: 3-15 mm
  • Tooth Spacing: 3 mm
  • Working Length: 74 mm
  • Total Length: 100 mm
  • Depth: 4 mm
  • TPI: 6

BOSCH T127D JIGSAW BLADES For ALUMINIUM Cutting 5Pcs| سلاح منشار اركيت للألومني

SKU: 2608631017

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