BOSCH Truvo Digital Detector |جهاز كاشف الكابلات الحية والمعادن بوش 

جهاز لكشف الحديد حتى 7 سم والمعادن غير الحديد حتى 6 سم والكابلات الحية حتى 5 سم

معايرة اتوماتيكية

سهولة وضع علامات التخريم


Switch it on, detect, drill!

  • Simple detection of live cables and metal objects

  • A clear LED traffic light display and warning tone indicate places where drilling should not be carried out

  • Practical auto-calibration for direct start-up

  • Easy one-button handling

  • Scan walls and ceilings before drilling holes for hanging pictures or installing lights


Quick and easy detection for safer drilling

Quick and easy results – scan walls and ceilings quickly with the Truvo detector. Locate metal objects and single-phase live cables easily for increased user protection when drilling holes, hanging up pictures, or installing lights. The LED traffic light system and warning tones indicate places where drilling should not be carried out, and the single-button operating concept makes it easy to handle.


Functions and Advantages of Truvo


Pick up and go – easy scanning at the touch of a button

One-button principle with automatic calibration – simply use the ON/OFF button and begin scanning without further steps.


Three-colour LED for visual feedback

Clear and simple result analysis – the LED traffic light system lights up red when an object has been detected, yellow when one is close, and green when all is clear. The visual feedback is accompanied by a helpful acoustic warning signal.


Precise markings for safer drilling

Conveniently use the lines on the side of the tool to accurately mark results during operation.


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