Claber 84190000 Aquauno Logica Plus | مؤقت مياه اكوانو لوجيكا بلس كلابر


The simplest water timer to use: simply rotate the knob to select one of the pre-set programs, fine-tuned by Claber irrigation and gardening experts.  Option of choosing from 15 different programs for all the most common irrigation needs, reading the features summarised in a table on the back of the protective cover. Battery-operated, therefore, no electrical connections required: simply screw it onto the tap. Perfectly watertight and weather resistant, it is already fitted for easy connection via cable with Rain Sensor, which interrupts the program if it rains and starts it again when the rain has stopped.

  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • irrigation time diagram on the back of the cover
  • indicator light for the program in progress
  • can be connected to Rain Sensor


An automatic one-line water timer containing 15 preset cycles, selected using an exclusive control rotary knob. Simply by turning the knob to any one of the 15 numbered notches you can set the program required in a matter of seconds. All the programs available are summarized in a diagram printed on the cover. A led lights up when the timer is in operation. The unit is fitted with a washable stainless steel filter. One 9 V alkaline battery can power the unit for an entire season. The electronic components are perfectly sealed. With an operating pressure range of 0,5 to 10 bar, “Aquauno Logica” is 100% quality controlled and tested. Designed for direct connection to the Rain Sensor (90915).


  • Inlet thread: ¾"
  • Outlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
  • Water flow: 35 l/min
  • Pressure: 5 bar
  • Outlets: 1
  • Programmes: 15 preset
  • Frequency of watering cycles:2 per day o 1 per week
  • Watering duration: da 00:02′ a 01:00′
  • Rain sensor: wired
  • Powered by: 1×9V

مؤقت مياه اكوانو لوجيكا بلس كلابر 84190000

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