Claber 87440000 Compact-18 Super Metal |


نافورة مروحية مزود باربعة ازرع كل زراع مزود ب  14ثقب اقصى مساحة طغطية 320 متر مربع

Oscillating sprinkler, ideal for extensive green spaces (up to 320 sq.m.) made in particularly shock-proof and waterproof ABS. The large turbine guarantees top irrigation performance using only the power of the water. You can choose from 5 different water settings for tailored, waste-free irrigation, thanks to the specific selector.

  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • works even at low pressures
  • self-lubricating gears
  • jets mimic natural rain effect


It has all the innovative features of the ”Compact” version. The oscillating aluminium arm with 18 brass nozzles guarantees regular water jet operation. The large sized sturdy ABS body houses the hydraulic motor which may be opened for inspection while the large-section aluminium elements (Ø 15 mm), which comprise the sled base, guarantee excellent stability and easy trailing. Irrigated area max 320 m².


Hydraulic features

Bar Area (m) l/m² l/min
1 102 11,3×9 7,5 12,8
2 209 16,2×12,9 5,2 18,2
3 250 17,6×14,2 5,3 22
4 280 18,4×15,2 5,9 27,5
5 321 19×16,9 6 32

نافورة مروحية مزود باربعة ازرع كلابر 87440000

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