Claber 8872 Genius 100m | استاند خرطوم حدائق علي عجل كافي لخرطوم 100 متر نص بوصة

استاند كافي لحمل خرطوم نص بوصة 100 متر 


Simply "genius" hose reel cart in how practical it is to use, with ideal dimensions for big gardens. Made with sturdy, weather resistant aluminium frame and plastic strengthened drum, with winding knob that makes winding the hose particularly convenient. It assembles quickly without tools and is complete with coupling to connect the hose. .

  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • stable on the ground
  • no-twist groove
  • ergonomic design
  • quick tool-free assembly.


Genius hose reel cart, ideal for large gardens. Comes disassembled in a kit for quick and easy assembly, without tools. Lightweight, sturdy, rustproof aluminium frame. Reinforced plastic drum, mounted on Delrin bearings, meaning it rewinds without causing friction. Easy-grip knob to make the hose handy to rewind. Coupling supplied for hose connection.


  • Inlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
  • Outlet quick connection: Quick-Click System
  • Maximum capacity: 100m  (Ø 1/2")

استاند خرطوم حدائق علي عجل كافي لخرطوم 100 متر نص بوصة 88720000

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