Claber 907720000 Terrazzo Drip Kit | مجموعة كلابر لرى 50 نبتة 


Immediate and complete solution to set up a drip irrigation system on your terrace, it includes everything you need: main tube, feeding hoses, adjustable drippers and accessories. It is possible to adjust the amount of water for each single vase, according to climate, soil and needs of each variety, obtaining the best results for the well-being of the plants and saving precious water, watering close to the roots and at the best time. The system can be connected to an electronic battery-operated Claber timer and is expandable over time using products in the Rain Jet line.

  • designed for DIY
  • it waters up to 50 plants
  • high quality materials
  • instructions on the package


Ready-to-use kit to water plants on your terrace or flower beds, adjusting the flow according to the different requirements. This kit contains all the components for setting up an irrigation system to water up to 50 plants, with adjustable drippers (30 in-line and 20 end-of-line), 25m of main tube and 25m of feeding tube. Extendable as needed.


  • Packaging: kit
  • Inlet thread: ½", ¾"
  • Pipe diameter: 1/2", 1/4"
  • Water flow: adjustable
  • Adjustment: open/close
  • Hose length: 25m ()

مجموعة كلابر لرى 50 نبتة 907720000

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