Claber 93350000 Springy 25 m | خرطوم حدائق مرن كلابر 25 متر


Compact, extendable hose in a ready-to-use kit. As water flows through the hose, it extends to up to 3 times its length (max. length 25 m). After use, the hose shrinks automatically so it can be stored away, taking up minimum space. Non-toxic, high quality materials. The kit comes complete with a 3/4” (20 - 27 mm) tap connector, automatic couplings and a multifunction spray nozzle with 6 different jets. Ideal working pressure: 3.5 bar


  • Packaging: kit
  • Inlet thread: ¾"
  • Pipe diameter: 8.5-16mm
  • Jet adjustment: concentrated, mist, gentle soaker, shower, aerated, fan, cone
  • Adjustment: open/close
  • Hose length: 25m ()
  • Fixing: can be wall-mounted
  • Pressure: 5 bar

Claber 9335 Springy 25 m | خرطوم حدائق مرن كلابر 25 متر

SKU: 93350000

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