Claber 91260000Silver Elegant Plus Ø 5/8” (14-19 mm) m 25 | لفة خرطوم 25 متر 8\5 بوصة كلابر 


This hose is easy to manoeuvre and comes in an elegant silver colour; it is suited to the most diverse watering needs and is manufactured without using any harmful substances to guarantee water purity

  • anti-kink structure  
  • lightweight
  • no heavy metals or phthalates


Ultra-light knitted hose that is easy to handle, kink-resistant, flexible, algae-resistant and UV-resistant. The Silver Elegant Plus hoses are 100% safe, as they contain no heavy metals or phthalates. Roll of hose with four-colour die cut cardboard and informative pictograms.


  • Pipe diameter: 5/8"
  • Hose length: 25m ()
  • Made in italy

Claber 9126 Silver Elegant Plus Ø 5/8” m 25 | لفة خرطوم 25 متر 8\5 بوصة كلابر

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