Claber 86600000Turbospike | رشاش بسن حربة مدببة بمدخل جانبى  لوصلة سريعة


Stationary sprinkler ready for immediate use, it guarantees uniform and gentle irrigation, without puddles, creating a fine mist rain effect. Made in sturdy plastic material, it is anchored in the ground wherever it is needed and uniformly waters the surrounding area.  

  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • works even at low pressures
  • jet mimics natural rain effect


Stationary sprinkler on plastic spike with natural rain effect in circle pattern. Irrigated area max 39 m².


Hydraulic features

Bar Ø m l/m² l/min
1 28,3 6 16,5 7,8
2 28,3 6 22,7 10,7
3 38,5 7 20,1 12,9
4 38,5 7 23,1 14,8

Claber 8660 Turbospike | رشاش بسن حربة مدببة بمدخل جانبى لوصلة سريعة

SKU: 86600000

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