CrownCT20101-18 Gasoline chain saw 1800W | منشار قطع الاشجار 1800 وات كراون

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Technical specifications

Power output 1800 W
Idling speed 3000±250 minˉ¹
Saw chain speed (by engine power 100%/133%) 15,8/21 m/s
Engine displacement 45 cm³
Engine characteristics 1 cylinder - 2 stroke - Air cooling
Fuel tank capacity 550 ml
Fuel used oil:petrol - 1:25
Oil tank capacity (for lubricate the saw chain) 260 ml
Automatic chain lubrication
Chain bar length 450 mm, 18"
Chain pitch / chain gauge 8,26 / 1,47 mm
Net weight (excluded cutting equipment) 5,54 kg


Delivery set

Gasoline chain saw 1 pc
Owner's manual 1 pc
Guide bar 1 pc
Saw chain 1 pc
Spiked bumper kit 1 pc
Funnel 1 pc
Container for preparation of fuel mixture 1 pc
Protective guard of the cutting unit 1 pc
Goggles 1 pc
Gloves 1 pair
Tool bag 1 pc
Spark plug 1 pc
Screwdriver 1 pc
Multi-purpose wrench 1 pc
Special wrench (3 x Allen key) 1 pc
Round file 1 pc

Crown CT20101-18 Gasoline chain saw 1800W | منشار قطع الاشجار 1800 وات كراون

EGP2,000.00 Regular Price
EGP1,850.00Sale Price

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