Jaw Gear Puller 3 Leg | زرجينة 3 رجل 


  • Durable 3-claw extractor set: Use the tools and set of the 3-claw ABN small gear extractor to remove most parts of the shift with ease; 3-pointed gear extractors evenly distribute traction force to protect your gears.
  • Damage-free removal: Manual bearing extractors remove sliding gears, pulleys, bearings, bushings and steering wheel without causing damage to your application.
  • [Multiposition Design]: Universal pulley extraction tools have reversible claws that change from inner to outer grip in short or long range lengths for maximum versatility; Each tool has 4 range lengths
  • Designed to last. Forged and hardened steel provides maximum strength and longevity to gear extractor sets; Thin claws allow easy grip and access to tight spaces, while the steel center bolt and acma thread offer smooth operation.
  • Various size options: Choose from our 3,, 6, 8, inch gear extraction tools 

زرجينة 3 رجل

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