Professional Chain saw

Classic appearance design, overall high-end configuration, 

relatively stable quality, good start performance, moderate 

price, suitable for southeast Asia, eastern Europe, India, 

South America and other markets

1.Imported Walbro carburetor: good oil injection 

performance, make the machine work more stable, longer 

service life

2.Imported chain, guide bar: imported Oregon brand 22" 

chain, using 8660 material,faster cutting, longer service life

3.MPT special guide bar: special guide bar for MPT is 22 ". 

It is made of 65 manganese steel and vacuum heat 

technology. The chain runs more smoothly in the guide 

plate slot and has a longer service life

4.Easy starter: double springs inside and outside, easier to 

start the machine with less effort

5.Double-sweep cylinder: 58cc displacement, 2300W, 

internal double-groove design on both sides, single-side 

chrome 3 wire thickness, large power, more powerful

MPT MGS5803-22 Gasoline chain saw | منشار شجر بنزين

SKU: MGS5803-22

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