Pattex Construction adhesive PL200  290g | اللاصق السحرى لجميع المواد بقوة 50 ك

Made in Germany


• للإستخدام الداخلي والخارجي
• تثبيت عالي (50 كجم / متر مربع)
• لجميع المواد والركائز
• مقاومة الطقس
• قابل للطلاء والصنفرة
• رائحة محايدة
• انكماش منخفض



  • High Initial Tack
  • For all materials and substrates*
  • Water-resistant
  • For interior and exterior applications
  • Solvent free


Scope of Use

Pattex-pro PL200 (Construction Adhesive) is a professional polymer-based construction adhesives with high immediate tack that instantly bonds, fixes and seals a wide variety of building materials inside and outside buildings (up to 50kg/m²). It is highly suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces like: Bricks, Ceramics, Metals, Plasterboards, Stone, Plastics (*except PE, PP, Teflon, acrylic glass and similar materials), varnished/coated surfaces etc.


Application Advice

Cut off tip of the cartridge above the screw thread. Screw on plastic nozzle and cut off the tip of the nozzle. Place the cartridge into the gun. Apply the adhesive onto one of the surfaces. Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are free of dust, grease or oil and not in permanent contact with water. Substrates must be stable.

Curing of adhesive requires the intake of a small amount of moisture (either from the atmosphere or substrate). In case of two non-absorbent surfaces, make sure that adhesive tracks do not merge as contact with air is necessary for adhesive setting. Press together glued surfaces while glue is still humid – approx. 15 min. Heavy items and items under tension have to be supported and fixed for at least 24 hours.

Remove residues immediately with a cloth soaked with acetone.


Pattex Construction adhesive PL200 290g | اللاصق السحرى لجميع المواد بقوة 50 ك

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