TOTAL TSP9309 AUTO DARKENING WELDING MASK | خوذة لحام الكترونية توتال تولز 



  Viewing Area:90×35mm
  Cartridge Size:110×90×10mm
  Arc Sensor:2
  Light State:DIN 4
  Dark State:Fixed shade 11
  Shade Control:Unadjustable
  Power On/Off:Fully Automatic
  Sensitivity Control:Unadjustable,Auto
  UV/IR Protection:DIN 16
  Power Supply:Solar cells. Re-chargeable battery .No battery change required
  Switching Time:1/5000S,from Light to Dark
  Dark to Light:0.15-0.45S Auto
  Low Amperage TIG:≥20amps(DC), ≥20amps(AC)
  Operating Tep:-5℃~+55℃
  Storing Tep:-20℃~+70℃
  Packed by color box

خوذة لحام الكترونية توتال تولز TSP9309

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