TOTAL TVCRG30261 ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER | المكنسة الروبوتية الذكية ذاتية الشحن 


3 Cleaning modes : Zigzag (Auto), Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning.

Additional setting to automatically deploy the vacuum after it is fully charged.

Package comes with,

2 pcs Side brushes (extra)

1 pc Charging dock + Adaptor

1 pc Cleaning brush

1 pc Remote control



  Gyroscope style
  Schedule the cleaning route
  Product size:φ300*75mm
  Vacuum pressure:700~1000Pa
  Working time:50~70min
  Charging time:3~5H
  2000mAh Lithium battery
  Only for dry cleaning
  Charge Voltage:110V-240V~50/60Hz
  1pcs American outlet plug adapter
  With 4pcs side brushes
  With 1pcs remote control
  With 1pcs cleaning brush
  with 1pcs HEPA filter
  With 1pcs charging base
  With electric brush
  With cliff detect sensors
  With automatically recharge
  Edge mode for wall following cleaning
  Intelligent cleaning path
  Packed by color box

مكنسة روبوت ذكية ذاتية الشحن TVCRG30261

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