Wynn's High-end L USA | مفتاح بيبة



- Crane
L with holes
- Produced by USA technology - Size: 10mm


 High-end L 10mm Wynns, also known as a hole, is molded according to CR-V6140 steel standard, manufactured according to USA technology, the surface is coated with Chrome anti-dust coating, hand-fitting design, solid feeling, . Specially molded cigarette heads ensure the safety of the bulong heads.

10mm Wynns high-end L cigarette is a bulong opener commonly used in the repair industry of machinery, mechanics, garage ...


Wynns tools is one of the most popular tool brands in more than 30 countries. With more than 15 years of development, Wynns tools has been working with the factory located in China, always complying with the quality management process in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Together with the research and product development department, Wynns tools constantly introduce new products, to meet the diverse needs of repair tools. Wynns tools products are manufactured using USA and Japantechnology, for export to Europe and Asia. With more than 2,000 product models and a variety of types, Wynns tools has conquered difficult consumers from design to product quality at the same price to suit all markets.

With many years of experience distributing hand tools in Vietnam, 30giay.vn is the General Wholesale and Retail Distributor of Wynns Tools.

مفتاح بيبة

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